Here Is What You Need To Know
First Steps
To start the process, you will first begin by completing the “Build Portfolio” setup. This will guide you in establishing your appropriate risk profile, time horizon and personalized investment goals. Answer a few important questions and we will design a portfolio that is aligned with the results.

If you are ready – CLICK HERE to get started.

Opening Your Account
Once you have decided on the portfolio design, you will then move to opening your account.

The process is rather simple and you will need about 15-20 minutes in order to complete the online application.

Funding Your Account
As you are progressing through the process of opening your account, you will be able to easily arrange funding.

We have made this as easy as possible by providing the ability to transfer money via a bank account, or through the ACAT system if you are moving funds/positions in from an existing brokerage account.

If you should have any questions or concerns with the funding process, please Contact Us.

Minimum Account Requirements
We have created this program with an entry level that is very attainable for most investors.

The minimum account requirement is $10,000 for the Stage 1 Investor Portfolio and $100,000 for the Stage 2 Investor Portfolio.

Forms and Information
After you have completed the required account forms and management agreements for your portfolio, you will receive an email with copies of all the signed documents.

To ensure security of your personal information, you will receive all through a secure DocuSign envelope to protect your privacy.

Portfolio and Investments
The final step in the initial process is investing the portfolio. We take care of the heavy lifting by researching the positions and making sure that your portfolio is aligned with your Investment Policy Statement.

Over time, changes to the allocations will be made and your portfolio will be re-balanced automatically.

You will not need to make any of the trades or decisions once the account is set-up and funded – we take care of all of that for you.

Contributions and Withdrawals
Over time you may want to add or withdraw funds from your portfolio.

Simply send us an email and we will get you any forms that may be required.

Tracking Your Performance
Whenever you feel the desire to track the performance of your eNVESTOLOGY portfolio – simply log in to the site and click on Track in the top navigation bar and then choose the Performance tab within your personal portal.
Types of Accounts Accepted
At this time the following portfolio types are available to eNVESTOLOGY clients:

  • Beneficiary IRA
  • Beneficiary ROTH IRA
  • Community Property
  • Community Property with Rights of Survivorship
  • Custodian for a Minor
  • Individual
  • IRA
  • Joint with Rights of Survivorship
  • Minor ROTH IRA
  • Minor Traditional IRA
  • Personal Trust
  • Rollover IRA
  • Self-Directed Account
  • Tenants by the Entireties
  • Tenants in Common
What Are The Advisory Fees?
Annual advisory fees for Stage 1 Portfolios are 1.25% and 1.00% for Stage 2 Portfolios.

Additional information is available and detailed in the Advisory Management Agreements.

Where Will My Investments Be Held?
eNVESTOLOGY investment portfolios are held at Schwab. You will be guided, step-by-step during the process of opening your account.

For over 40 years, Schwab has been proud to help clients pursue their financial goals while giving them more time to focus on what really matters in life. Schwab provides investing and trading services for seven million client accounts that total more than $750 billion in assets, and custodial services.

What Investments Will Be Held In My Portfolio?
The investments are based on your risk and time horizon. All of the important information will be gathered and evaluated during the portfolio creation process.

Mutual funds and ETFs will be selected based on your answers.

How Is My Information Protected?
Once you enter the eNVESTOLOGY client site, your information is secured using HTTPS level 2048 bit encryption. All of the certification seups have been rated with grade “A” by Qualys.

The password management system utilizes Symfony Framework for core parts of the system. By default it uses PBKDF2 algorithms with a password stretching mechanism recommended by NIST.

What If I Have More Questions?
We are here to help.

If you have any questions – visit the Contact Us page and we will reply promptly.