The Management
Advisor Crafted, Technology Enhanced

eNVESTOLOGY was crafted by the team at Horowitz & Company with more than 40 years of experience leveraging the power of technology to provide investment strategies for investors at every stage of their life. Horowitz & Company, a Registered Investment Advisor has been managing money for individual and corporate clients since the late 1980’s. The program is designed to be unpretentious with reduced investment entry requirements.

It is a robust investment advisory process which benefits by enhancements in technology.
Professional Management,
Not Just an Algorithm

With extensive experience in the Financial Planning and Investment Management field, it is our belief that portfolios should not only be rebalanced over time, but need to have the flexibility to change as market condition dictate. A fusion of both passive (where appropriate) and active investments require ongoing evaluation to verify their enduring value within your portfolio. This is not a cookie-cutter or simple-robo investment program.

Objective Investing – No Proprietary Funds or Kickbacks from Fund Companies or ETFs

At eNVESTOLOGY, we have no ties nor receive any financial compensation to recommend any particular company’s ETFs, mutual funds or other investment products. We believe it is important to be completely transparent and objective when investing. Restricting yourself to a small set of ETFs or mutual fund providers may have the negative consequence of hindering your portfolio’s ability to grow.

Deviation from investment style and inferior comparative performance is not tolerated.
Putting the Client First and
Holding Managers Accountable

It’s simple: Clients must be put first and those that they have entrusted with their hard earned money need to be held accountable. To accomplish this, a core component of the eNVESTOLOGY management process is systematic monitoring of investment products. We hold the investment vehicles accountable for their performance relative to their peers and their appropriate benchmark.