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PIMCO – Focus on Style

On 12/12/2017, we attended a webinar from PIMCO on why bonds are different in the active vs. passive management argument.  At eNVESTOLOGY we believe that both active and passive management belongs within an investors portfolio.  However, there are sectors and asset classes where active management makes more sense and can...

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Robots Vs. Human Advisors

Here is a good question to ponder: If an investor chooses a non-human (traditional) robo-advisor, what price could they end up paying?

While there are many benefits to some of the technology used in traditional robo-advice, the fact remains that the oversight and management they provide is a poor substitute for...

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Investors Still Want Human Interactions

Move over traditional Robo Advisors — it is the Hybrid Advisor that is now getting all the attention. A Hybrid Advisor, much like the name suggests, offers a more holistic investment platform where a human is in control, but is also using computers to help with overall investment strategy.

Among American...

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